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John Grant, Author and Founder of Ecoinomy

John Grant chats to Alex Butler of KindredHQ

Alex Butler of KindredHQ meets John Grant, author of Co-opportunity (January 2010) and the award winning ‘Green Marketing Manifesto’ (October 2007), and three previous books.

In this extraordinary interview, John talks about:

  • How we are organising ourselves to adapt to the new world – his take on creative co-operation.
  • How he keeps learning
  • Why he doesn’t like the term freelancer
  • The importance of having people around you to share the ups and downs.
  • And lots more!

John was a co-founder of St Luke’s, the socially aware ad agency and is the co-founder of Ecoinomy which applies community self organising principles and social web platforms to greening the office through behaviour change.

John’s blog:  Co-opportunity

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