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The 4 signs that you are ready

Now we know that many of our readers are not, in fact, freelancers or independents.  Many of you are still in corporate life or employees.  This article is for you, because you may be considering the freelance life and, from where you are watching, it may seem like it’s a great escape plan from the… read more

Because you are worth it!

It is a startling fact that many freelancers don’t charge the right rates for the work they do. Why is that? So many of us stumble into freelancing unprepared for it, and when we start that first client project, we don’t know how to answer when someone asks us ‘how much do you charge?’ or… read more

It'll do you the power of good

I’m coming clean.  KindredHQ is on holiday.  Taking a break. The first proper holiday for some time, and it’s just a week or so, just on a staycation somewhere nice in the UK.  Just hanging out. The fact is that I’m as bad as the rest; I just don’t know when to take a break. … read more

Your freelance friends are here to help

Next Mastermind Group is on 28th July 2014 You spoke. We listened.  What the KindredHQ community really want is a way to spur each other on and share experiences of running their freelance business. What’s a Mastermind Group? You can’t beat the energy, commitment, and excitement of a Mastermind Group and we’ve adapted the tried… read more

But you can create the life you want

I do wish that we’d accept the fact that this elusive nirvana, so called ‘work-life balance’ doesn’t exist. Do you know anyone who has achieved it? There’s a fundamental flaw in the idea of work life balance.  The idea is built on the view that you have to make time for ‘life’ that is separate… read more

Understanding ‘survivor bias’

It’s a natural tendency amongst us lone rangers to big up the successes of our peers.  We need the confidence that all things are possible and that each of us could be a success story.  There’s certainly a lot that we can learn from the heros of the freelance economy. The over-emphasis on the successes… read more

How to get ahead of the pack

I have discovered something rather unpleasant.  The leather on my second hand office chair at KindredHQ (my living room office) is not the best piece of office furniture to have on a hot day.  This is the reality of freelancing when you don’t have an air-conditioned office to go to. Our office employee friends probably… read more

And does it matter?

Sarah Browning of Browning York, is a communications specialist. She’s been thinking about what counts as ‘work’ when you’re freelancing I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve been asked that question in the last few years. I understand why people ask; when you’re an employee of an organisation, that’s generally how your working… read more

Chill out with some freelance friends.

With the summer sun shining, and holidays beckoning, we wanted to invite you to join us for an evening on the terrace at the Rotunda Bar at Regents Canal, very close to Kings Cross, to celebrate the Summer with an outstanding Barbeque menu! We are a friendly community of London freelancers and independents who work in lots… read more

Give a helping hand to cancer charities

‘Most of all, we want your time’, says Julia Krepska of Fcancer – a rather special kind of cancer charity. We all want to give to cancer charities, but – unless we’re HM Queen Elizabeth or a Russian oligarch – we probably don’t have an inexhaustible supply of ready cash. But if you’re feeling bad… read more

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