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Get unstuck with a book

Sometimes, you just need a little inspiration to get your creative juices flowing again or to reassure you that you aren’t alone in ploughing your own furrow. I’ve put together this list – a lot of personal favourites and books that have helped me get out of a rut or challenged me to think differently… read more

3 ways to get out of that rut

It is the scourge of freelancers everywhere.  Because we often work alone, we are reliant on ourselves to keep our motivation levels up and keep going.  But for all sorts of reasons, it’s tough to keep your chin up all the time. I know this feeling well.  You get up, get the laptop out and… read more

Stop trying to be a super-hero

Anyone who freelances will tell you that there is your life is a constant juggling act as you try to manage life, clients and simple day-to-day administration. Some of us even get quite good at it.  You know what they say about going to a busy person if you want something done. But it also… read more

Learn the secrets of crowdfunding

Join us on 23rd October to learn how to run a successful crowdfunding campaign. So you have a great idea?  Your once in a lifetime opportunity to make your mark and make a living doing what you love? Whether you are launching a film, a new brand of chocolate, funding your community project or Facebook… read more

Get a little help from your peers

Next Mastermind Group is on 28th October 2014 You spoke. We listened.  What the KindredHQ community really want is a way to spur each other on and share experiences of running their freelance business. What’s a Mastermind Group? You can’t beat the energy, commitment, and excitement of a Mastermind Group and we’ve adapted the tried… read more

How do you describe your unique offer?

How many times have you been approached at a meet up or networking event with a question – ‘what do you do’? I wince at this question.  It’s very difficult to say what you do when your independent career is varied.  Many of us have ‘slash careers’, when you have a number of different hats. … read more

5 must dos to get you off the ground

There’s unprecedented growth in the self-employment market, and it’s a global movement.  Originally fuelled by economic recession, when many people were displaced from full time jobs, it has now finally become the preferred choice for many. The interesting thing about this growth spurt is the number of people who are starting new freelance careers later… read more

Your chance to power the freelance revolution!

We’ve joined forces with – the UK’s newest crowdfunding platform to launch KindredHQ’s first ever crowdfunding campaign – and we need your help to create the support system that independents everywhere need. We believe that everyone should have the freedom to work the way that they work best, creating great work, enjoying a successful… read more

Share our crowdfunding journey

Big news, Kindred crew.  We are crowdfunding! We started out two years ago, when our founder, Alex Butler decided that she was going stir crazy working at home all the time.  So, she persuaded a friendly creative hub – the wonderful Centre for Creative Collaboration – to give her space for a small group of… read more

Doug Richard shares his experience

Join the School for Creative start ups and KindredHQ for an inspiring evening with Doug Richard at London’s fabulous Hospital Club private members’ club. There has never been a better time, nor a better place to start a business, than right here, right now – whether it’s just you or you and your dream team!… read more

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